Here, you will find information about available advice provided by Primus Personnel and our partners.


Before you start please visit our questionnaire. It's short, anonymous and your answers will help us provide most accurate and adequate information and advice. Please go to our survey at


Together with the TUC/BERR Vulnerable Workers Project (VWP) Primus Personnel is offering advice on issues such as:



Your rights as a worker for an employment agency National Insurance and Tax
Getting Paid Benefits
Rights for Employees Working time rights – Holidays, Rest Breaks
Documents needed for employment Pregnancy and maternity
Migrant Workers Employment rights Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
Worker Registration Scheme Maternity Allowance
The National Minimum Wage Resolving disputes
Deductions from wages Discrimination
Employment rights-migrant workers Trade Unions



If you are concern about your rights at work, have any problems with enforcing them or you would like to find out more about workers rights and trade unions pelase go to VWP website or get in touch directlyby phone.


If you would like to speak to independent advisor, in English or any other language, please visit ACAS website where you will find all instructions how to get in touch.


We work closely with Ur4jobs at the Upper Room, a specialist service that supports migrant workers and people from the new accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe. On there website you can find lots of useful information on


Currency & Cost of Living
Driving & Public Transport
Education & Schools
Healthcare & Treatment
National Insurance
Self Employed & CIS Scheme
Social Security & Benefits